Other Services

Other Services

Here at Bukowski Plumbing, our plumbers are not only skilled in plumbing and drain cleaning services, our team is also skilled in the installation, repair, and replacement of:

Appliance Installations – Water Heaters – Stoves – Washers – Dryers – Dishwashers – Gas Grills – Gas Fireplaces – Gas Lines – Biolers – Cook-Tops

Our plumbers also Provide Professional Service for:

Toilets – Sinks – Baths and Tubs – Whirlpools – Sewer And Cleaning – Grease Traps – Disposals – Sump-Pumps Instant Hots – Custom Bath Remodeling & Design & New Construction and Rough Ins

Contact us today to receive your plumbing and drain cleaning services. We provide great solutions to all of your plumbing needs. Any questions about plumbing service, plumbing installations, or plumbing repair, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for stopping by the Prince of Plumbing, proudly serving local New Jersey for over 20 years.

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